Studio Gear List 2015

Dec 25, 2015

Xiaotian’s Studio is built for demanding professional music production to the highest standard. Here are a selection of his equipments


Studio Monitors

Main Monitor: Munro Sonic Egg 150, Dynaudio BM15

Referencing Main: Mackie MR8 MK2

Additional Monitors Speakes: ATC SCM7 MK2, Adam ANF10, Yahama MSP 5


Main Machine

Apple Mac Pro 2.2Ghz x 12 Core, 64GB RAM

Slave Machines (Linked using Vienna Ensemble Pro via LAN)

Apple Mac Pro 2.8Ghz x 8 Core, 64GB RAM

Apple Mac Pro 2.2Ghz x 12 Core, 64GB RAM

Apple Mac Pro 2.8Ghz x 4 Core, 32GB RAM

So that’s 224 GB of RAM and 36 Cores…


Additional Goodies –

iPad Air 2 128GB LTE for Midi Control

iPad Air 2 64GB LTE for Media Reference

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.1 LTE

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 LTE

iPhone 4S and 5 for Portable Recording using Rode iXY, ZOOM IQ6 and Tascam IM2


Sample Libraries 

Xiaotian’s system has nearly every major high end sample library available.

Some of his favourite include


Soundiron Symphonic Choirs, Apocalypse Percussion, Ensemble Brass, Emotional Piano and Tuned Percussions

Uhe Zebra

East West Hollywood Strings Platinum, Brass and Woodwinds.

Sonokinetic Vivace

Spitfire Albion and Sable Series

Cinesample Cine String

Orchestral Tools Symphonic Sphere


The Studio is fully acoustically treated and equipped with big range of high quality microphones suitable for all recording conditions, from AKG, Audio Technica, sE and Rode.




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